'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' - Leonardo da Vinci

We believe in simplicity, we have a conceptual approach in which we act on the existing structure of your organization. This pragmatic and structured approach enables you to remain a clear overview, realize quick results and control your costs. Below you find the key feautures of the different phases of our methodology.

SASconsult's approach

SASconsult's approach is focused on interactive communication during these six projectphases. In the first phase of, for example an ISAE 3402 implementation we analyze the impact and we draft a detailed schedule. In the second phase, the administered organization or a manual will be described. The implementation of improved processes and control objects happens in phase three; ending with a pre-audit or readiness assessment, so that we will be able to tackle potential issues in time. In phase five we propose a solution to potential issues and in the final phase, one of our group company auditors or your own accountant will carry out the audit.

Please also read the business cases on our website, in which we describe our clients and explain why our approach is so effective. Emile ten Hoor (+31 (0)6 - 26 736 001) from our office, would be pleased to explain you the potential added value to your organization.